" The chapter on the chronology of Tompion’s life is alone an astonishing document with minute detail never before chronicled in print on any clock maker. The insight into the manufacture of Tompion’s clocks and watches and those who worked in Tompion’s and other workshops offers a more revealing account of practices than we have for any other maker. "

David Thompson FSA FBHI
Former Curator, Horological Department, British Museum

Thomas Tompion 300 years is the most comprehensive book to date on the life and works of Thomas Tompion. This beautiful and lavish book, comprising 650 fully illustrated pages, covers previously unpublished fascinating information of Tompion’s life, his clients and his production methods.

A fascinating chronological insight into Tompion's life and the events around him and an entirely new in-depth study of the construction of Tompion's clock movements and clock cases.

The first study of Tompion's repeat and grande sonnerie systems and illustrated list of Tompion’s clients and visitors to his workshops.

280 fully illustrated pages showing Tompion's table clocks, longcase clocks and pocket watches.

Jeremy Evans' new updated concise check list for all of Tompion's known clocks, watches and instruments.

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